The Best PHP mailer class

Which one is the best?

As of today sending message over the internet become important. Most web page have a field or page to interact with the visitor through email. The technology of sending email is available over the internet with different technique and feature. So we have to choose which code is the best to implement this part of communication.

Here are some PHP class which can help you easily plug into personal web with minimum standard of email feature up to advance features. After some try and error with these class, here are the comparison result for your reference.

  MIMEmail Rmail PHPMailer SWIFT Mailer
Sender Name yes yes yes yes
Sender Mail yes yes yes yes
Subject yes yes yes yes
cc, bcc, priority yes yes yes yes
replyto yes yes yes yes
Plain Text yes yes yes yes
HTML yes yes yes yes
Receipt no yes, yes, yes
Bounces email no yes no yes
Attachments yes yes yes yes
Embedded Image no yes yes yes
Send multiple email yes yes yes yes
Smtp no yes yes yes
Header no yes yes yes
TextWrap no yes yes yes
filesize 23k 82k 422k 736k
Documentation MIMEmail Rmail PHPMailer SWIFT Mailer

Which one is the best and fit your need? Its depend on you.
Rmail PHP class has the complete feature and the smallest file size, while SWIFT Mailer is the more advance for you and easy to use but have a bigger file size, however the SWIFT Mailer also have some plugin which is more useful for you, see on the documentation about its plugin.

My choice is the SWIFT Mailer.