Water Filter

Water contained ferro and or mangan is not good for human health. To separate those unwanted material we need water filter which consist of quartz sand, manganesse greensand, zeolite and activated carbon. This filter is very effective to solve the problem. (July 02, 08).


One of the common problem occur on new house occupant is water quality problem which is not meet minimum requirement to be consume. The writer has got this problem since occupy the new home on one place in Ciputat, Tangerang. The main problem is that the ground water contained ferro and or mangan. The impact is we cannot drink the water directly, bad smell, leave yellow deposit on the bathing tub. We can proof it using a glass of tea, if both of water are mixed then we can see the changes of water colour into dark cloud otherwise the water is not contaminated with such material.


  1. Deep Well,

    Many of the author to overcome the problem of yellow and turbid water caused by the actual iron and oxygen mangan water from wells. Among them deepen wells with water up to 40 m depth with the casing reaches 28 m of its work to prevent water entering the top of the soil, but this business does not produce the expected results because of the depth of the above, there is a layer of waterproof clay so that water can be difficult in . Besides the ability zet pump engine pump that is limited.

    To obtain water artesis not economical than the cost of drilling is more expensive, the engine pumps need a strong and wasteful energy is also needed permission to related parties with respect to drilling for water depth artesis in more than 150 m.

    Drilling can be done in a different location but this is speculation as long as we can not know exactly where the location and exact source of clean water is located. As an illustration that the location of housing that we tempati used (about 15 years ago) is a rice field or swamp. Based on the observation that we do seem to land on the bottom layer of housing we have a layer of black sand containing iron layer varies with the thickness of 50-an m. If it seems to be the location of housing in the layer of soil may be used in a ravine, where the long run going in the sand settling down from the position because the upper river in the holiday location.
  2. Water Filter

    Finally, the author chose to use a water filter in many pasarkan in the mass media. This water filter has a high-dimensional size of 1.6 m and diameter of 25 cm with the composition of the media filter consists of active carbon, zeolite and mangane green sand. In the first 3 days we feel quite satisfied with the ability to filter the water where the water debit issued only slightly reduced and water quality is better. However, after that time the capacity is reduced even though we have been trying to clean the filter media in a way and then drain membilasnya with water every once a week. After that I always experiment with different filter media composition and using Permangan potassium (PK) to reactivate power filter media, especially manganesse green sand.

    Using media manganesse green Sand with grain size between 1 mm - 1.5 mm is only 20 kg compared to the better use of zeolite is not too brisk. It is said by many vendors ability media this 10 times better than zeolite. I also never use the ashes of 3 kg of scrub in addition to the media but the results are not much different.

    The author does not intentionally try 3 types of filter media to the one in the tube because really want to know the difference between the ability of each type of filter media is. So in the end there is a desire to use the coconut shell charcoal, coconut in a lot of selling in the market for the consumption of traders sate and the like as a filter media to the media on the Manganese green sand mixed quartz sand. Previous charcoal is still shaped coconut shell coconut ditumbuk with a large hammer to get the grain size is smaller. Then the bills, as well as grain and charcoal gray all entered into the filter tube. At first try in the fine grain charcoal is still out, but many more and the longer the small, this process takes a long time a bit about half a day. But after one try in the day, clear water does not change color and does not smell, two days away, the quality is still a week away either. Writers try to do the back wash to clean up the dirt on the tube on sunday but the first few dirt out, only the amount of grain charcoal sangay slightly. Two weeks had passed, water quality is still good is not reduced. And to make in this paper, to sunday - 3, perceived quality of the water is still quite good. As a note, the author has previously entered about 35 kg of zeolite to basic water wells in the hope that the zeolite can act as a filter or at least the beginning of iron in order to stimulate the womb teroksidasi. The author is still waiting to how long it is expected that the quality is able to survive. Hopefully this is a good solution, easy and cheap, amin.

    After waiting up to 3 sunday pass that water quality does not decline as before. Finally decided to drill wells up with sand bag zeolit of 2 or about 60 kg of quartz sand plus 20 kg. As a result of water quality is better even when trying to use the water in the tea, do not indicate changes in color, nor smell. Media filter is replaced entirely mangganese use greensand plus 20 kg of coconut shell charcoal, coconut that has been mashed as much as 3 kg. Found water quality to be even better to have passed for almost 2 sunday.

    Other solution in http://www.ristek.go.id/file_upload/lain_lain/bencana_aceh/air_asin.htm

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