The characteristic of pure milk

recently, there are so many not pure milk in the market, milk mixed by other liquids like water, coconut milk, coconut water, etc which is intended to gain higher profit with relatively low cost. This disadvantage consumer. To avoid this we need to know the phisical characteristic of pure milk.

Milk taken from the teat of cow, buffalo, or goat, this milk still sterile. contamination will occur because of milker, infection or equipment used.

Pasteurisation and sterilization: Pasteurization is the process of heating milk repeated in 60o C to deliver milk from germ pathway. This is a requirement that milk can be eligible to be consume without any worry of congenital disease from the source.

A good milk characteristic has at least:

  • white color milk and thick
  • constant liquid and not accept
  • nature milk smell, do not smell sour or rancid smell
  • the weight of higher tha water (above 1.0)
  • If put on the glass still attached on the wall of the glass
  • If cooked will be formed foam layer of fat (foam)
  • Free from physical such as blood dirt, dust, fur insects and others.