The Origin

Where did you born from? A simple answer is from my mother. But this statement is not cover enough to answer the origin of the people.

Some of you will confuse while some of you wont care. It is important to understand because we got every tools for living like eye, ear, nose, skin, mouth, and everything you have on your body, asking without any charge or price except your parent maintain the growing process. Furthermore we all have already air, water, and earth with its sources also the sky with its sun, moon, star, and the entire. Its all for us, if you think deeply it is like a magic, it is a miracle. We should be grateful to God for everything we have & will be got. But some of you maybe un aware of who is the creator of Human and the entire living system.

Some of will say that we are come from a kind of monkey, and some of you will say that we are come from Adam, the first man. Some of you will guess it has been already created naturally by existing material with complicated process for a long time ago. But this answer is breach the causality law. No other right answer except God is the Creator of Universe, you have to believe on God. And you have to know the characteristic of the God as the basis for our faith. Dari mana kamu dilahirkan? Jawaban sederhana adalah ibu namun tidak cukup untuk menjawab asal usul manusia.